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Date: 04/02/22

Bradley Speed

"Very friendly reception on the phone followed by a swift delivery and fantastic quality food service"

Date: 21/03/22


"Great service and a friendly welcome. Food cooked beautifully and on time. Fantastic range of dishes!��"

Date: 21/03/22


"Loving the new people. Great menu, great service, great flavours."

Date: 24/03/22

Charlie Karuga

"Best beef buna ever!��"

Date: 27/04/22

Kayleigh Ward

"Delicious food and amazing service from the staff."

Date: 27/04/22

Andrew Holman

"Great service, great dishes, great flavours. Loving the approach by new guy Ali.!��"

Date: 27/04/22

Chloe Axten

"Best Indian in Wellingborough. Mr Ali & his team are lovely too "

Date: 08/05/22

Mark P

"Very nice, perfectly cooked, moist, tasty and well spiced too! Friendly staff and great location.!��"